Marketing Manager B2B


We’re looking for a Marketing Manager (B2B) to join our team and take company’s processes to the next level. As Pharmbills has grown to 470+ people, opened a new branch in Bulgaria, and is going to grow to 1000+ employees by the end of 2022, it is the right time for us to build a strong marketing approach!

You will:

Develop the marketing strategy to promote Pharmbills as the business partner of choice in the USA and the UK;

Work side by side with our Ukrainian and American teams;- Conduct target market analysis, industry trends research, and competitor audit;

Develop an actionable plan for brand promotion and lead generation (channels, campaigns, budgets, and ROI targets);

Track marketing KPIs and optimize activities to improve outcomes;

Oversee implementation of the marketing strategy — including social media, campaigns, events, cross-channel communication, digital marketing, relations with PR agencies, etc.;

Devise strategies to drive online traffic to the company’s online resources;

Track conversion rates and make improvements;

Develop and manage digital marketing campaigns;

Work closely with the company’s stakeholders, and partners in the USA and the UK;

Ensure that the marketing objectives are implemented.

You have:

At least five years of experience in marketing with 2+ years in outstaffiing/outsourcing model;

Experience working with B2B markets in the USA and the UK;

Strong understanding of key marketing concepts, such as market segmentation, value proposition, differentiation, branding, messaging, etc.;

Experience in building a marketing strategy and action plans;

Strong experience in digital marketing, content-driven lead generation;

Proven experience in lead generation, with measurable KPIs and ROI;

Experience in using MarTech tools (CRM, Digital Marketing, analytics);

Fluent English.

You will receive:

Competitive salary, with bonus opportunities based on achievement of KPIs;

Opportunity to help Pharmbills to scale and keep on taking its growth to higher levels;

Smart and diverse team members around you;

Full medical insurance, extensive PTO policy, and flexible work practices;

Advantage of educational opportunities to stay updated with industry changes.

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