Junior Account Specialist

Healthcare billing

We are constantly looking for active and motivated professionals for the position of Account Manager to work with our American clients. Companies are growing day by day, and we need a constant expansion of the team to accomplish our tasks.

We are constantly looking for active and motivated professionals for the position of Account Manager to work with our American clients. Companies are growing day by day, and we need a constant expansion of the team to accomplish our tasks.

You will:

Communicate with customers and service providers by phone and e-mail;

Receive and process invoices;

Maintain a vendor database;

Verify and reconcile invoices and payments;

Maintain documentation;

Work with profit and loss statements.

You have:

Proficiency in written and spoken English at Upper-Intermediate level and above;

Competency and effective communication skills;

Analytical thinking, skills to work with numbers and data;

Assertiveness and concentration (work is closely connected with the processing of documents and invoices);

Proficiency in computer and office programs at a confident user level;

Ability to work productively during a day;

Experience of working in international companies (as an advantage);

Knowledge of CRM systems (as an advantage).

You will receive:

Official cooperation;

Fixed schedule at New York time (without overtime);

Work with top managers from the United States;

Support of the Team Lead and supervisor in the US, who help to get involved to the work processes;

Necessary equipment for working from home;

Constant communication with native speakers (US);

Internship in the USA (for the best team members).

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Send your CV

You can submit your CV on this site or mail it to recruitment@pharmbills.com

Initial Interview

You will have the initial call with a manager to discuss further steps.

Hiring Manager Interview

Next, you will meet with the HR manager to assess your soft skills.

Test task

Depending on the opportunity you are applying, we will test your hard skills.

Values Fit Interview

You will talk to independent company team members about values alignment.

CEO Interview

Afterward, you will personally meet the company's CEO before you start working.

Sign up

You can apply for Pharmbills Academy to receive a link to the test via email.

Complete the test

You will have to take the English level test and Logic test.

Pass an interview

If you pass the tests, you will be invited for a short online interview.

Start the internship

After you pass the interview, you will be invited for the internship.

Video presentation

You will create a structured self-presentation with this great tool.

Team Lead/Client interview

After that, you will meet with an employer for the final interview.