What is outstaffing? Myths and reality

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Pharmbills Academy

The concept of outstaffing is entirely new for the market of Ukraine, Bulgaria, Georgia and Uzbekistan. But we've been working in this field for more than 6 years. One of the most FAQ is "What is outstaffing?", and we can quickly answer it.

The concept of outstaffing is entirely new for the market of Ukraine and Bulgaria. But we have been working in this field for more than six years. One of the most frequently asked questions is "What is outstaffing"? And we can quickly answer it.

The concept of "outstaffing" comes from the English words "out," which means "outside," and "staff," which means "employees." The peculiarity is that a part of a client company's employees is removed from the workforce and legally registered in an outstaffing company. Still, they perform their duties within the framework of the tasks of the client company.

At Pharmbills, you are fully immersed in the work of our American partners, and you become a part of their teams. However, we create comfortable working conditions for you, help with training and adaptation, pay salaries, and care for your work-life balance and work quality.

Although the system is relatively straightforward and transparent, there are many myths surrounding outstaffing among candidates who want to start their careers in this field. And we are ready to dispel the main myths.

Is there a relocation to America?

You are fully integrated into an American company, but you are based in Ukraine.

Outstaffing is taken for quantity, not quality.

We disagree. After all, at Pharmbills, we train everyone, and we are confident that we are preparing excellent professionals who will be in demand worldwide. It would be best if you were a complete fit for the company you'll be working with. And it's not just about labor flow anymore.

There is no development in outstaffing.

People come to us with absolutely no work experience. Then, after only six months or a year, they become Team Leads. They also choose whether to develop horizontally or vertically. At Pharmbills, some employees have been working for six years since the company's inception. That speaks volumes.

Outstaffing keeps you out of America.

Our employees regularly go on business trips to the United States. We open visas and provide other necessary conditions.

We are waiting for you on our team. We will train and assist you at every step along the way! Please submit your application for training or send your resume so we can get to know each other better.