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Is it possible to find a good job without knowledge of English? It is, but will it be highly paid? Today we will tell you about the most popular modern and interesting professions that require knowledge of a foreign language.

In the modern world, such knowledge is a mandatory point in a CV. Language skills greatly facilitate the job search and distinguish the applicant from hundreds of others. Some jobs are impossible to fulfill without knowledge of a foreign language. They are considered prestigious because they open access to other countries and provide additional career opportunities. Knowing a foreign language is not only useful for your development, but also profitable. For example, it is almost impossible to find a prestigious job without thorough knowledge of English in most well-known companies.

What jobs with knowledge of English are in demand in Kyiv and Ukraine

Nowadays, the labor market is witnessing the dynamics in growth of professions in which knowledge of foreign languages is not only an advantage of the candidate, but simply a necessary requirement for the performance of certain job responsibilities.

Let's consider the most popular fields of vacancies requiring knowledge of English in Kyiv offered by employers.

  • Hospitality and tourism. You often have to negotiate with travel agents, tour operators, communicate with partners and clients in English. It is almost impossible to work in tourism without knowledge of a foreign language.
  • Health professionals. Medical literature is very often found in English, and the language is also necessary for attending various international seminars and conferences.
  • Economics and jurisprudence. Professionals working in this field often need to deal with contracts or legal documents in English, so proficiency in the language at the upper-intermediate level is a must, as any mistake can have irreversible consequences.
  • IT. One of the most demanded and highly paid fields. IT specialists need English not only for reading technical documentation and operating with professional terms, but also for communication. Business correspondence with foreign colleagues or management, meetings, negotiations – you cannot do that without confident spoken
  • English. In addition to a high salary, you can get good bonuses: treatment in private clinics, advanced training courses, compensation for housing costs, etc.
  • QA. The QA engineer is engaged in product testing: detects errors and defects, offers ideas for improving the work. This profession is very much needed in the IT industry, and most often employers require good knowledge of English.
  • Game design. Each company has its own understanding of what a game designer should do. Broadly speaking, this is the author of the game concept, producer and sometimes scriptwriter. He develops the gameplay and supervises the work of the team. Currently, there are more and more mobile game developers, so the demand for such specialists is growing. Therefore, it is not difficult to find a job with knowledge of English in this field.
  • HR. Most often, HR managers have to work with English-speaking applicants, and for this you need to be confident in English: to make a description of vacancies, handle business correspondence, conduct interviews, etc.
  • Marketing. A marketer is responsible for fending off competitors and promoting the product in the broadest sense. He determines the sales plan, conducts research, develops advertising campaigns and promotions. In large Ukrainian companies, the activities of a marketer are usually more narrowly focused, and in small ones this multi-tasker does everything at once. English is needed primarily to keep abreast of modern promotion tools. To do this, it is better to read English-language resources in the original than to wait for their translation. Therefore, for applicants for a marketing position, knowledge of a foreign language will always be a significant advantage.
  • PR. A PR-specialist shapes the reputation of a company, communicates with media and bloggers, writes press releases, organizes press conferences and does many other things to gain the trust and respect of people. If such a specialist knows English, his value is greatly increased, because he can attract foreign clients, partners and media.
  • Law. The language will be useful primarily for corporate lawyers working in domestic and foreign companies. Knowledge of international law together with a foreign language will bear fruit. In Kyiv, there are often job vacancies for lawyers with knowledge of English.
  • Content production. Content is the main thing that companies and bloggers are willing to pay for. It makes them stand out in the information space and helps to promote products or services. A content producer creates useful and entertaining materials, thus attracting the audience. He/she chooses channels of information dissemination (television, print media, Internet, etc.) and formats of presentation (videos, podcasts, articles, games, tests, etc.), forms a strategy, monitors trends, analyzes effectiveness, and constantly acquires new skills. A content producer has to use English to communicate with foreign colleagues and learn from their experience.
  • Web analysis. A web analyst tracks user behavior on the Internet: works with analytics tools like Google Analytics, conducts research, compiles reports, and offers solutions for product promotion. In everyday work, you can do that even without English, but working remotely for a foreign company is much more profitable.
  • The professions with knowledge of English listed here can be endlessly supplemented with others.

Advantages of working with English
  • An employee who speaks a foreign language usually has the following privileges:
  • A large selection of offers: even if the candidate has no work experience, but he knows English well, the number of interesting vacancies for him is significantly expanded;
  • High level of wages: employers are ready to pay such employees a salary that is about 20% higher than the market one;
  • Business trips abroad are usually the privilege of those employees who understand English well;
  • Internships: fluent in a foreign language, an employee of an international company can be trained in the branches of his company, which are located in other countries;
  • Networking: a great opportunity to establish communication with foreign specialists. This allows you to build a good network of contacts, which in the future can greatly affect the promotion of your career.

Required skills: perseverance, sociability, desire to develop and self-improve.

Thus, thanks to good knowledge of the language, the applicant increases his chances to successfully pass the interview for the vacancy. To find a job with knowledge of English in Kyiv, it is worth considering outsourcing companies. For example, Pharmbills offers not only free training for vacancies in demand in the US and European labor markets, but also internship programs in the US market with further employment.

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