The pros and cons method. How to make well-balanced decisions?

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Our brain tends to get lost in a tangle of scattered thoughts. Can you make quick decisions and provide all the arguments for yourself? If so, congratulations! However, many of us face a challenge doing so. When there are countless arguments in your head, it's hard to keep them in perspective and all the more to make the right decision for yourself.

Weighing up pros and cons is a quick, simple way to make objective, considered decisions.  

Each of us often faces complex problems that require serious decisions, the result of which will impact our future life.  

We recommend using the pros and cons weighing tool to make such important decisions. This simple but very effective way allows you to look at the complexity from different angles and choose the best option for yourself. This method is relevant because it will enable you to decide more objectively and not in the heat of a moment.  

How to use it?

In a "Pros" column, write down all possible benefits of following the course of action. All the potential adverse outcomes should be in the "Cons" column.

Now it's time to simplify! Remove the low-value arguments. These low-rated items may be necessary for and of themselves but are not critical to decision-making. Nevertheless, you should be careful not to mistake the importance of your arguments here.

Then score your pros and cons to evaluate the importance of each. The total will help you to decide whether it's worthwhile going ahead with the decision or not.  

Now let's look at an example!

Have you thought about starting a career with Pharmbills for a long time but still can't make up your mind? Divide your arguments into pros and cons.

Let's start with the Pros:
  • free training  
  • online training and work  
  • constantly practicing your English  
  • networking and meeting Americans  
  • stable job  
  • regular payment in dollars  
  • experience is not essential, you can start from scratch

And now let's move on to the Cons:
  • it won't be easy to work online  
  • you may not like the area of work  
  • it's hard to switch to English all the time  
  • inconvenient working hours for you

Now assess what is essential for you, analyze the pros or cons, and decide.

And while you are thinking it over, we would love you to join our team! Apply and train at our Academy from scratch!

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