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A system administrator (SysAdmin) is an employee of an IT company who is responsible for the smooth operation of the regular fleet of computer hardware, software and network. Quite often, the professional is also entrusted with ensuring information security in the organization.

What to expect from the SysAdmin job: what skills and experience are needed for work

Sysadmin is one of the key vacancies in the IT field. The system administrator is responsible for all computer equipment and peripherals, network connections and software.

The range of tasks and functions of a specialist is determined by many factors, such as the scope and scale of a company, and features of its IT infrastructure. In addition, skills, knowledge and experience of a sysadmin are the most essential.

The professional responsibilities of the employee include:

  • setting up and checking new computer equipment;
  • installation of software and antivirus protection;
  • tracking the smooth operation of a computer network;
  • elimination of failures and debugging of a computer after them;
  • installation and configuration of local networks, monitoring their work;
  • maintenance of a company's server;
  • tracking the condition of computers (as well as faxes, printers, scanners, etc.), identifying outdated equipment and drawing up applications for the purchase of new ones.

Often, the system administrator’s job duties include other requirements dictated by peculiarities of an office, requirements of an employer and production needs.

The main advantages of the speciality

4. Since computer technology is developing at an incredible speed, and computers are increasingly becoming an integral part of all spheres of human life, the main advantage of the system administrator profession can be called the demand, which will only grow every day. In today's labor market there is already a shortage of talented sysadmins, and in all likelihood, this situation will only get worse.

5. An important advantage of this job is high salary. At the same time, depending on the complexity of the system and responsibilities, administrators can count on a continuous increase in wages. Today, the average monthly salary of a system administrator is UAH 23-35,000. In addition, specialists have great opportunities for additional earnings.

6. Many system administrators are satisfied with the work schedule. Of course, if an employee is a full-time specialist in a large company, he has fixed working hours. But if a sysadmin is a freelancer, then his work schedule is free.

Required skills of the profession are attentiveness, responsibility, initiative, logical thinking, ability to identify cause and effect relationships, and quick response.

What is the salary range for a system administrator job

The level of remuneration for a system administrator depends on the vacancy, work experience, and may differ from company to company. Here are the average salary values depending on the level of specialist (indicated in UAH):

  • trainee-level specialist – 12,000;
  • junior specialist – 15,500;
  • middle-level specialist – 28,000;
  • senior specialist – 40,000;
  • leading specialist – 48,000.

It should be kept in mind that regions differ, but the ratio of a system administrator’s salary of different levels is approximately the same.

Vacancy options

Depending on the level and specialization of training, there are the following vacancies for sysadmins:

  • Enikey. Entry-level specialist. Engaged in basic functions of maintenance and configuration of computer and peripheral equipment, software. In large companies, usually works as an assistant. In small organizations that are related to the field of IT, can be an administrator;
  • Direct system administrator (Help desk administrator). A wide-profile specialist who ensures stable and trouble-free operation of the entire information infrastructure of a company. Performs monitoring and inventory functions, supports the operation of the local network, ensures information security and completes many other tasks;
  • System architect-engineer. Specialists of this profile usually work in large corporations that have a complex and extensive IT infrastructure. They carry out its design and build the architecture;
  • Network administrator. Specializes in the maintenance, configuration, development of logical and physical networks. Carries out control and accounting of traffic, manages billing systems. Administrator vacancies of this specialty are in demand in large companies, including those in the banking and telecommunications sector. Network administrator is irreplaceable in information processing centers;
  • Information security engineer. The range of responsibilities of the employee covers all activities to maintain the security of the IT infrastructure of an enterprise, protecting it from external and internal threats. Such system administrators are in demand in companies for which the level of information security plays a significant role, including banks, financial technologies, industrial enterprises, etc.

The career path of a system administrator usually begins with an internship. To build a career, a trainee has to choose one of the areas of development.

Geography of employment

You can work as a system administrator anywhere. This includes working at home (remotely), and an opportunity to find a high-paid job in the USA or European countries with legal employment.

How to get a job – options for registration

The choice of employment is great: remote work, legal employment in companies, training courses with internships, etc.

A confident start is guaranteed by an internship in outstaffing companies. One of such companies is Pharmbills, which gives many benefits to every IT specialist who is looking for new opportunities.

Pharmbills is a guarantee of work in stable companies, internship programs in the US market, obtaining the necessary skills for a confident start in the field of information technologies, providing professional customer service, technical support, document management.

Administrative specialists are always in demand, and employers compete with each other to attract them to their teams.

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