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A customer and user support specialist is a person who communicates with customers using remote technologies. The profession is associated with constant communication, control and development. Such specialists are called customer support. Millions of companies around the world organize ground and remote offices, whose employees communicate with their customers day and night. Every day the manager answers questions, monitors incoming messages, and processes suggestions and complaints. The work is quite monotonous, requires perseverance and patience, because every day you have to help too demanding, dissatisfied and capricious customers. Customer support vacancies are provided by market giants, large and small companies, software developers, representatives of e-commerce and services, etc.

What to expect from a customer support vacancy: what skills and experience are needed

Depending on the specifics, there are two levels of complexity of customer support tasks.

The initial, less technical, specialist performs the simplest tasks:

  • answers users' questions in online chat, by phone or email;
  • provides background information about the service or product;
  • helps users solve easy technical problems;
  • resolves user issues regarding billing, delivery, cancellation of orders and services;
  • helps to change service settings;
  • often promotes and sells additional services.

The Experienced Support Manager, with a technical bent – more of an analyst than a CS, because he/she works more with data, the product and tools themselves rather than with users:

  • analyzes information about a product and users;
  • monitors and analyzes the state of a site/application and draws the developers’ attention to technical problems that arise;
  • creates and maintains a database of answers to frequently asked questions;
  • works with developers when launching new functionality on the service and creates text or video presentations for it;
  • creates internal instructions for employees on how to use the product itself, as well as on work standards and procedures in the company;
  • can help developers integrate a chatbot into the company's website to automate some of their repetitive tasks.

A customer and user support specialist has to be aware of all updates, have a perfect understanding of the company's services and offers. Vacancies are different, you can work both during the day and at night, choosing a convenient schedule that allows you to combine work with study, for example, at a university.

There are several important personal qualities and skills of a customer support specialist. Such a specialist has a high level of patience. To work in this field, you need good memory, the ability to clearly express your thoughts and analyze appeals.

  • The job does not require advanced professional skills, and the necessary knowledge can be acquired during the first 2-3 weeks under the auspices of the employer's representatives;
  • Career prospects, because a customer support specialist can take a position of head of customer support, however, in this case he will need a university degree;
  • Good salary level (can exceed UAH 20,000 per month);
  • Many vacancies, because employers are interested in these specialists, especially in IT support;
  • Some companies hire customer service and user support specialists to work in a remote office;
  • The work of a CS manager is suitable for disabled people.

Where and how to find a customer support job

Specialists can find vacancies in multinational companies, IT agencies, taxi services, room booking, and airline ticket search.

They are interested in paid and free job boards, mobile developers – companies that constantly receive and process customer requests.

What the salary range in customer support is

Customer support receives a salary based on the results of the work performed. For tariffication, the actual number of working hours or processed applications can be used, some companies practice job positions with fixed rates and bonuses.

In Ukraine, these are salaries from UAH 10,000 to 30,000 per month, in the United States, a good IT support specialist can receive USD 2,000 or more for their work.

Job options

CS departments are always present in most companies. Vacancies for customer support are diverse, often found in:

  • modern banks;
  • Internet providers (most often call centers);
  • outsourcing CS-companies (when the entire customer support department is outsourced); and many others.

Geography of employment

You can work as a customer support specialist in any country. Vacancies are offered by US companies, European enterprises, and domestic firms. Also, this option is available remotely (online).

How to get a job as a customer support specialist – registration options

The choice of employment is great: remote work, official employment in an IT company, logistics, multinational organizations, training courses with internships, etc.

Employers do not have special requirements for the level of education of customer support. In most cases, training is conducted on-site, because a specialist must not only be a confident PC user, but also have a good understanding of products, service offerings, and the specifics of the company.

Usually, a candidate who has recently completed an internship (junior) gets the necessary skills and experience to work confidently in the position of a customer support specialist.

Pharmbills is a good start for such specialists. The company offers:

  • free training for vacancies in demand in the US and European labor markets;
  • comfortable online training.

Pharmbills has a variety of internship programs in the United States market and provides quality customer service, technical support, and document management. Training in the specialty of customer support lasts two weeks. After it, successful candidates receive an offer and can confidently start working in an interesting field.

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