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The number of people working remotely is constantly growing all over the world. First of all, this applies to developed countries. Remote work has become more and more popular in recent years. Many companies and employers are switching to online mode, and prefer remote employees, and all this occurs because in this way you can find professionals from different parts of the world, and the lockdown or other unforeseen circumstances will not interfere with such employees.

Let's clarify what remote work means, which are the advantages and disadvantages of this mode, and what professions are popular nowadays.

What to expect

To start earning good money online, it is not necessary to have a specific education or many years of experience. It is enough to choose a popular direction and actively develop in it. In this review, we will talk about who can work on the Internet remotely (online) without any or with not much experience and consider in detail what professions you can deal with online.

In recent years, many studies have been conducted, all the results of which have proven that a person who works from home is more productive and feels happier. Such work opportunities provide many advantages.

1. Employees working remotely independently plan their time, work at the most convenient pace for themselves. You can take breaks at any time. Or you can divide the work into different stages – in the morning and in the evening, and devote the middle of the day to your favorite activities (going to the gym, attending drawing courses, etc.).

2. Innovative technologies have reached such levels of development that it is possible to work almost anywhere with the access to the Internet. CRM-systems, Zoom and other tools allow you to communicate with employers or organize teamwork anywhere.

3. It doesn't matter if you work in a big office or in a small company – there will always be stressful situations. Working from home is comfortable, as you have the opportunity to conveniently configure your computer, choose the furniture you like best, and start your working day by listening to your favorite music.

4. There are hardly any problems with the Internet. If you have a laptop, you can work not only indoors, but also in the country, in a cafe, while traveling. This is a great option for a change if you are tired of sitting in one place and want to change something.

5. That is a great opportunity to work from anywhere in the world. You will also get a chance to combine study with work.

What salary you can expect working on the Internet

The salary and payment system are different: there are vacancies where the income depends on the volumes performed (copywriters, sales managers), others are offered a fixed

salary (SMM and technical support specialists, operators, assistants), in project work there is usually a reward for the final result (developers, installers, designers). On average, over the past year, employers offered applicants for remote work an income of UAH 20,000.

The salary depends on the type of vacancy – whether it is permanent, expert or part-time.

The former includes professions with "easy entry", which do not require long-term training (call center operators, technical support specialists, remote assistants, encryptors). On average, they are offered UAH 15,000 per month. Remote expert vacancies include developers and programmers, brokers, product managers. Their earnings can reach UAH 80,000.

Usually it is freelancing that is meant when people talk about remote work. Freelancers are professionals who are not bound by an employment contract with a particular company. They can have several employers, and the income is not fixed: how much a specialist will earn depends only on him (i.e. on the volume and complexity of the completed orders).

If the candidate has no work experience, then the fee offered is less.

Types of online job vacancies

Almost any industry related to intellectual activity can be switched to the remote mode. Let's consider which specialities on the Internet are the most popular today.

Internet marketing expert. Is engaged in promotion of services and products in the network, studies the market and understands the interests of the target audience, implements tools to increase sales.

Graphic designer. Creates images and banners for websites and social networks, develops design for presentations and printed materials.

Copywriter. Writes articles, posts, advertising texts, product descriptions for websites and social networks.

SEO specialist. Promotes resources in the search engine: develops a semantic core, thematic content plan, builds a lot of links.

Software tester. Checks new programs for errors, invents various usage scenarios, makes recommendations for improvement.

Tutors, SMM-managers, programmers, analysts, call-center employees, translators, support specialists, layout designers and other specialists can also work remotely from home.

Geography of employment

The search for remote work is not limited to your city/country. You can find vacancies both by speciality and without experience anywhere in the world. To earn remotely, for example, in a company in the United States or Europe, it is recommended to first complete an internship.

The country where remote work is most developed is currently the United States of America, which is not surprising, taking into account how many technology companies and employers there are, who was the first to practice such a format of interaction with employees as working from home.

Options for remote work from home

To work remotely, you can start searching online. Most people look for remote jobs where they look for regular office jobs – on the Internet.

There are many options:

  • portals and aggregators for finding remote work;
  • domestic and foreign sites/exchanges for freelancers;
  • telegram channels;
  • groups in social networks;
  • online training courses.

The right choice is to do an internship. This is an opportunity to immediately find a job in a remote format, and have a confident start. For example, you can choose an outstaffing company. Thus, the Pharmbills agency offers:

  • getting a remote profession from scratch;
  • free training for popular remote vacancies (with the opportunity to work from home from the territories of Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania or Bulgaria);
  • convenient schedule of the classes.

Pharmbils is a team of professionals (more than 600 employees holding various positions). The range of projects is from beginners to top managers in sales, finance, audit, IT support, and much more.

What the candidate needs: knowledge of English at B2 level or higher, and residing in Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania or Bulgaria. The training lasts for 2 weeks.

As you can see, there are many reasons why people prefer to work remotely. The most common of them is lack of time to get to the office or enterprise. Working from home attracts many people with a flexible schedule, absence of bosses, convenience of the workplace, and a decent salary.

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