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It is possible to find a remote job in the USA and get good money for it, while staying at home. This type of activity is suitable for mothers with children, professionals who want to work remotely, students and people without any work experience. And these people are right as working for an American company remotely has a lot of advantages: free schedule, decent salary, interesting and popular vacancies.

What companies hire remotely in the USA

Usually, such firms are divided into two categories: those that hire remote employees for a specific reason, and fully remote organizations. The latter include, for example, Basecamp, or Wordpress developers from Automattic.

The first step to success in finding a remote job for those who are wondering how to find a job in the US remotely is to understand what jobs are in demand in the US job market today. For example, there is a demand for remote engineers, and companies do not need freelancers (Upwork exists for this kind of tasks), but people in the team for a long time.

Let's consider the list of specialists for remote work in the United States who are in demand at the moment.

  1. A virtual assistant has great potential. This profession covers a wide range of tasks. Often, small American companies in the USA need virtual assistants remotely, and you can choose the field of activity that you like.
  2. Working as a medical transcriptionist requires knowledge of English. The essence is to listen to the material from doctors and write it down. It is important to know medical terms and be able to recognize accents.
  3. The translator can translate audio files and documents taking into account dialect differences. For example, the Foster website provides good options for working as a translator on a remote basis.
  4. In the field of information technologies, you can work as a web developer, designer, which is very promising today for working at home. America is a country where people in these areas are in great demand and get good money for it.
  5. Work in a call center can be organized from home. It is convenient that payment is done here for every minute of work.
  6. Work in the field of technical support is one of the most popular in America.
  7. Travel companies also very successfully practice hiring travel agents on a remote basis. Earnings of such employees reach USD 100,000 per year.
  8. Working as a teacher can also be remote: various courses, training, etc. can be conducted online.
  9. Not so popular, but still there are vacancies in the printing business. You can be engaged in printing and proofreading for any publication, or create your own blog and promote useful information.
  10. Franchise is a well-known way to earn money in the United States, if you have at least a minimum capital. By investing it, you can earn good money, and most importantly, such a business can be managed remotely.
  11. Webmaster. One of the most popular professions on the Internet. Webmasters are specialists who are engaged in the development and administration of the website. In other words, they create websites from scratch. And they can work completely remotely. Most orders can be found on freelancer exchanges, where there are customers not only from the United States, but also from Europe, Asia, Australia, etc.
  12. Photographer. Internet photographer is a specialist in remote processing of illustrations. In order for the images on the site to be of high quality and unique, the specialist must edit them properly. Sometimes a remote employee can perform tasks to take pictures of a certain object on the ground or products for online stores.
  13. Content manager. They are engaged in filling the sites with thematic content (articles, news, images, and descriptions of product items), as well as monitor the performance of the web resource itself. Such workers are the main moderators of comments, they monitor software updates, CMS, etc.
  14. Web designer. Professional development and implementation of the design of an Internet resource is the main task of the specialist. Such remote design specialists create a unique and attractive interface for popular web applications. The main task of web designers is to come up with and implement usability-friendly websites so that users enjoy being on it.

Remote work in the USA from Ukraine has many options that are available to those who choose remote employment. It all depends on your skills and abilities.

How to look for remote vacancies

There are several options for finding a remote job in the United States:

  • Web sources for various specialists. The sites are not limited to any one professional field and offer work in various fields – from copywriting to programming;
  • Social networks (Telegram, Facebook, and others);
  • Websites for media professionals. Suitable for those who are looking for a job as a journalist, marketer, PR, editor, and other specialty with communications;
  • Foreign resources with remote work. If you speak English well, you can try to look for a vacancy on American sites. The salary here is usually higher. But at the same time, you will have to compete with specialists from all over the world.

Pros and cons of remote work in the USA

There are many advantages of remote work for American companies:

  • Great selection of interesting vacancies;
  • High level of wages (significantly higher than in Ukraine);
  • Ability to work in comfortable conditions without leaving home or traveling;
  • There is a chance to go abroad.

Of course, there are also disadvantages. Most vacancies require the highest level of English. In some cases, the employer requires a certificate such as TOEFL or IELTS, showing the general level of language proficiency. Some professions also have their own exams, for example, for lawyers it is ILEC, and for those who work in accounting and finance – ICFE. They test knowledge of specialized professional terminology. Participation in all these exams is usually paid, and certificates for their passing have a limited validity period. Often, the employer also appoints an interview, during which the applicant's ability to speak and write English confidently is checked.

How to prepare a resume

Resume is a document that reflects work experience. This is the first opportunity to tell a potential employer about your skills and experience even before a personal meeting.

To get an interview, the competence profile in your resume should usually match the job requirements by 80% or more. In the resume, employers pay attention to what the applicant did in previous jobs and what the results were.

In the covering letter, it is not about emotions and enthusiasm that are important, but the ability to argue and briefly show all the connections between the requirements of the vacancy and your experience.

Be aware of the job search culture in the US so that the information you provide will help you, not let you down.

How to prepare for an interview in English

Do you have an interview with an American company in the near future, and your English practice over the past six months has been limited? Tips from experienced professionals will help you quickly prepare for the interview and feel confident.

  • It is best to talk about education, professional experience and interests, key knowledge and skills. You can mention preferences, but do not focus on the personal.
  • Prepare answers to the standard questions of an HR manager in advance.
  • Competently emphasize the advantages. Prepare stories about the qualities you possess.
  • Study the original version of the company's resource in English, pay attention to the specifics of the activity, mission, employees, and get acquainted with the achievements. So, you will understand what phrases and wording are accepted in the company, and your motivation.
  • Practice professional vocabulary. You can watch videos on industry topics to improve yourself.

If the search did not provide the desired results, it is worth contacting an outsourcing company. For example, Pharmbills offers many options for remote work for American companies (including training, internships, and further employment). Current vacancies in the USA cover all areas of activity. With high professional skills and patience, you can make a stunning career either online or offline.

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