Promotion at work: how not to be afraid of new responsibilities?

Anastasiia Shuba
Client Onboarding Specialist

How not to be afraid of new responsibilities and advancement at work? It is a question for every person who works hard and gets promoted. During my career path at Pharmbills, I worked as an Accounts Payable Manager, became a Team Leader, and now I am cooperating directly with clients.

I want to share some insights that have helped me adapt to my new position and easily take on new challenges.

Being nervous means you care 

It's perfectly normal to be nervous about essential changes. However, you shouldn't limit yourself to fear. Difficulties are just a part of the journey. Remember: you are not a result of your circumstances but your decisions. 

Answer yourself the most important question of all – "Why?"

A global answer will help you come to scratch, even during the most harrowing moments. My "why" is the team. Their success and growth all depend on the teammate's decisions. 

Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist 

Think of your favorite superhero – you probably know his weaknesses and strengths. But do you also know yours? Try to figure out which work tasks you spend more energy on and which ones, on the contrary, are energizing. Try to balance and support yourself. 

Change is exciting, but don't let fear limit you

It's important to adapt, change, and be flexible. Be brave to take risks, learn and take on new responsibilities. Through these experiences, we grow personally, professionally, and as managers.

Develop yourself, and don't be afraid of new responsibilities! Our team will always support you and help you in your career development.

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