Pharmbills supports "OCЬ" Children education

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Our team has joined the project to create an educational center for children named "Ось". We want to help children learn relevant creative professions, develop their skills and integrate into the global creative community. 

"Ось'' is a music company in the center of Odesa with a physical space that includes a small concert stage, a bar, a gastronomic bistro and a showroom of local designer clothes.

Now they have launched an educational center for children.

Project objectives:

1. To conduct an educational program for 500+ children in 6 months.

2. Organize a Telegram community with children to keep in touch, organize events with them and inform them about the news and projects of the organization.

3. Organize 6 joint creative projects with participants and graduates of the program.

4. Organize 3 partnership events with partners from Europe.

Pharmbills could not stand aside, so we joined the sponsorship of this project. The most interesting thing is a program that will help children develop and gain useful and interesting skills.


Management of creative projects

2 workshops where students will get to know the basics of creative project management and create their first project.

Basics of 3D mapping and visual art

2 workshops in which students will get to know the basics of the profession of a visual artist and the tools of work which will become the basis of professional growth.

Music production

2 workshops in which students will get acquainted with the current state of the musical world,

with sound recording and will create their first music composition.

Basics of mobile video shooting

2 workshops in which students will learn how to prepare for shooting, how to shoot and how to edit video. Moreover, they will learn how to work with ideas and how to find them.

You need to start changes in the world with yourself. Helping and supporting the younger generation means investing in our bright future.

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