Pharmbills' Remarkable Journey: Partnering with Georgia for Global Success


We, Pharmbills, position ourselves as an outsourcing company, and our story connects us with Georgia for almost a year, a country that has impressed us with its culture, values, and a strong desire to achieve great results.

Expansion into Georgia: What Brought Us Together

In 2023, we decided to expand our team and deepen our collaboration with the Georgian market. This decision was driven by our shared values and a mutual passion for growth. We believe in the potential of every team member and create an environment that fosters their development.

Co-working in Tbilisi: Flexibility and Togetherness

Our work is characterized by a flexible hybrid format. However, if you dream of experiencing a true team atmosphere, you can always visit our cozy co-working space in Tbilisi. Here, you can combine work with interaction with your colleagues in a friendly and inspiring atmosphere.

We are committed to promoting unity and cooperation between our teams. After a significant expansion that saw our Georgia-based team grow from one to over 40, we wanted to celebrate this exciting milestone in our journey. Representatives from our Ukrainian team embarked on a journey to the heart of Georgia for a three-day gathering, which proved to be a memorable and productive experience.

In today's remote work environment, it's not often that we get to meet our colleagues face to face. This gathering was a unique opportunity for our teams to come together in one place, fostering not only productivity but also the creation of enduring memories. Beyond the official working hours, our team members joined together, explored Georgian culture, and formed new friendships that will undoubtedly enhance our collective journey.

Joining Our Team

It is essential for us to make opportunities to work at Pharmbills accessible to all. To join our team, you only need a good command of the English language and a willingness to learn. Before commencing work with American clients, each newcomer undergoes training for the position of Accounts Receivable Manager, providing the necessary experience and preparation to work in our international company.

Words from Our Colleagues

Let's hear from our colleagues from Georgia:

Nino, Claims Specialist: "From the first days of my attendance at Pharmbills, I have been truly amazed by each team member's dedication and positive attitude. I have noticed a significant improvement in my performance, behavior, and skills. The self, as well as company-oriented team leaders, give you great examples of taking the initiative to learn new things as much as possible and grow professionally; therefore, I am truly glad to be part of this big family."

Medea, Regional Manager: "I joined the team soon after we entered Georgian market. Our team consists of bright, dedicated, and energetic people who are tirelessly working every day for the success of our organization. I am proud to represent Pharmbills in Georgia. Our Georgian team is rapidly growing, and we are very excited about this growth."


We, Pharmbills, take pride in our Georgian team and collectively believe in a bright future and opportunities for all. Our success story is just beginning, and we invite you to join our family and grow with us. Be ready for new achievements and triumphs — Pharmbills is waiting for you!

We believe that collective efforts and the undeniable potential in each of us can turn the grandest dreams into reality. Together, we can achieve more.

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