One skill and thousands of opportunities: How Pharmbills helps to start a career from scratch


Pharmbills has been helping professionals from different countries work directly with American companies for over 8 years. Our internal Pharmbills Academy has developed a specialized training program to ensure a seamless adaptation process for Junior Specialists in American companies. At the end of 2022, Pharmbills expanded to the Georgian job market — making Tbilisi, Georgia, 4th location after Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Uzbekistan. Our international team has already grown to over 700 people. Pharmbills Georgia already counts over 100 team members, which we are immensely proud of and have no intentions of slowing down!

Outstaffing is a relatively new concept for Georgia but is gaining momentum. It is a service of placing staff outside the official staff of an organization. For example, a company in America has a specific request for solving permanent tasks, and an outstaffing company assembles a team to solve these tasks. The specialists become part of the American clients' companies and are fully integrated into their work, but they are located in Georgia or other countries. 

Who can start working with Pharmbills? 

Our main requirement for cooperation is English proficiency at the B2 level or above. It is a crucial skill for effective communication with American colleagues. On the other hand, age takes a secondary role as the company frequently collaborates with students in their 3-5 years of study who may lack work experience but have a strong desire to grow professionally. Job seekers without prior knowledge can acquire all the necessary hard skills to perform tasks through Pharmbills Academy. Our internal Academy offers training programs in Medical and Real Estate Billing to equip candidates with the required skills.

What industry does the company Pharmbills operate in?

Pharmbills started operations in 2015, initially collaborating with companies in the healthcare sector — one of the main areas of specialization. Over time we have expanded services to cover finance, accounting and auditing, IT support, and customer service. Billing and accounting remain at the core of our operations, fully compliant with American laws and regulations.

How much can you earn in outstaffing? 

In line with the American model, Pharmbills clients work hourly. The level of income depends on previous work experience and is constantly growing. Compensation starts at $600 for a Junior specialist. Pharmbills conducts evaluations every 3-12 months, and the compensation and the number of benefits increase with time.


Outstaffing, like the IT sector, offers comparable social benefits and growth opportunities. While the IT industry is often associated with exceptional "buns", at Pharmbills, we strive to surpass those expectations.

Pharmbills provides a range of benefits, including covering tuition fees, paid internships, health insurance, HR People Partner support, regular income reviews, transportation services at the end of the work in case of the providing services from the office, access to the corporate library, large-scale corporate events, necessary software and hardware, personal mentoring, and more.

Outstaffing is rapidly developing in Georgia, making it easier than anticipated to enter the profession. Teams that help their colleagues grow are no longer a myth but a real opportunity. At Pharmbills, we value our team and are changing how large corporations are perceived.

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