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Students are one of the most vulnerable categories of applicants in the field of employment. The problems are clear: lack of professional skills, and breaks due to study sessions. There are some stereotypes: all employers need employees with experience, but there is nowhere to get it, therefore employers are reluctant to hire newbies, and the situation is a dead end. In fact, everything is not so hopeless. How to find a job for students, and what is necessary for this? There are many ways. Let's take a closer look.

The labor market for students: trends and features

The vast majority of 1st year students, 78% of respondents in the study, admitted that they earn a living – buying food, covering transportation costs and buying clothes. And 36% noted that with the help of part-time work they can afford gadgets, trips and entertainment. In addition, only 25% of respondents earn enough to pay for housing and education. Another 52% indicated that they are satisfied with the income from part-time work, and more than 70% of Ukrainian students plan to work part-time during their studies, 64% – after it.

The most popular professional fields in which employers are looking for young professionals for the summer:

  • sales;
  • tourism;
  • hotels;
  • restaurants;
  • administrative staff.

These are either permanent part-time jobs or temporary vacancies for the summer. Before students start looking for vacancies, they need to decide what kind of job they are looking for: the one that is paid higher, or the one that will later be highly valued in the eyes of your future employer.

What salary can students expect?

Modern students have a great opportunity not to depend on parents and not to live scholarship to scholarship, but to earn their own money. Let's try to figure out: how much can a young person who combines work and study count on monthly?

According to the data, the basic part of the scholarship is only 1510 UAH. Of course, you can not walk around for this money. Doubtless, there are various allowances: rewards for participation in creative competitions and public life, social scholarship, various grants, etc. But the amount still remains insufficient to afford everything students need.

According to the statistics, today 55% of bachelor's and 84% of master's students are working. Some of them are interested not only in the financial aspect, but also in gaining experience in the future profession. Thus, by graduation, young people will have gained a certain experience and will be able to count on a higher position and salary level than their colleagues without experience.

As for the further career, almost half of the students plan to pursue the profession after graduation. One third assumes that any changes may occur that would force them to change the field.

What salary can be expected:
  • 1C specialist – 15,000-40,000 UAH;
  • production line operator (trainee) – 12,000-30,00 UAH;
  • technologist (trainee) – 10,000-12,000 UAH;
  • sales manager assistant – 8,000-15,000 UAH;
  • Internet trade – 10,000-12,000 UAH.

Office or remote work?

Look for promising positions and companies. Try to find out which organizations are favorable to internal transitions, and which positions can help you grow in the field you are interested in.

What kind of job is better to look for

1. Internships for students are a great start with the opportunity to gain experience and get employed.

2. Temporary work for the summer. The need for such personnel arises in companies for various reasons: employees’ regular vacations, illnesses, seasonal work, lack of sufficient work for full-time work, etc.. Students who have decided to try themselves in temporary jobs can apply for the following vacancies: secretaries, personal assistants, translators, office managers, couriers; database operators, IT specialists; accountant assistants, financial clerks; assistants in marketing, advertising, PR, logistics departments. After participating in a temporary project, you may be offered a permanent job.

3. Remote work. It is supposed to perform a certain amount of work for fees within a specified time frame, but often without reference to any geolocation or schedule. If in the sphere of your interests there are professions that involve such a variant of relations with employers (designers, journalists, artists, programmers, etc.), this is a good option: you will be able to regulate the workload, distribute the time, and get professional connections.

Vacancy options for students at the moment:

  • call center operator;
  • content manager of a website;
  • salesperson in a supermarket;
  • online store manager;
  • realtor;
  • teacher;
  • barista;
  • promoter;
  • auto courier;
  • waiter (10,000 UAH);
  • administrators;
  • presenters of live broadcasts.

These professional fields are leaders in attracting students, but the labor market is not limited to them. The spheres of consulting, finance, banking, investment, marketing, advertising and PR are also relatively active in attracting young professionals. Moreover, among the vacancies there are also positions for beginner specialists, including ones in reputable foreign companies in the relevant professional fields.

Geography of employment

Job search for students is not limited to Ukraine. You can find a prestigious vacancy in European countries and the USA. To do this, it is enough to complete an internship.

How to get a job. Options

Job search can be started on employment websites, on Internet resources, social networks, and other information sources.

Experts recommend taking a closer look at internships. For students, this is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the intricacies of the profession, to acquire the necessary skills and professional experience that will be useful in the future – because it is impossible to work effectively with only theoretical knowledge.

To do this, it is enough to choose a reliable outstaffing company. Turning to Pharmbills, students get many opportunities:

  • to get a new profession from scratch;
  • free training in demanded professions in the fields of Medical Billing and Real Estate with the possibility of further employment;
  • convenient schedule of classes in online format;
  • the possibility of rapid career growth.

Pharmbills creates teams for US companies. It works in Ukraine and Bulgaria. It is a team of professionals (more than 500 employees holding various positions). The range of projects: from beginners to top managers in sales, finance, accounting, audit, document management, IT support, customer service, and much more.

Requirements for candidates are minimal: you need to know English at B2 level and above, reside in Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania or Bulgaria. The training lasts two weeks. After it, the candidate can receive an offer and start working with American companies.

Today there is a golden rule: if you want to be a sought-after specialist – do not stand still. Pharmbills offers great opportunities to start a successful career. Feel free to respond to the most interesting offers, and you will find a dream job!

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