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For many years, computer sciences, or rather research in this field, have been fighting for their place in the list of the most rated areas. For a long time it was the most popular field of study. Prospects for IT professions are still quite optimistic today. Specialists in this field, as before, remain one of the most demanded in the labor market. Their services are the highest paid in the world. Half of the ten richest people work in the well-known IT industry.

Prospects of IT vacancies

First of all, this is a job available to everyone. This is a sphere in which you can realize yourself and start working in a prestigious IT company with decent earnings. It is not necessary to graduate from a higher educational institution to become a "specialist in computer science". It is enough to rely on your knowledge and skills. They can be obtained and improved independently, as you only need a computer, Internet access and desire.

Digital technologies are needed in many areas of activity, so specialists have good salaries and prospects.

Of course, there is no single algorithm for building a career in IT, but you can establish certain frameworks that will help a beginner to navigate.

The main advantages of this direction:

1. Demand of the labor market. Almost every business should have an online product to make users feel comfortable, and therefore, an IT team is needed to develop and support these products. The demand for specialists is actively growing, even beginners are in demand as employers are often willing to train them at their own expense.

2. Continuous training and development in the IT field. The skill set of a good IT specialist is also constantly growing. After one programming language, you can learn another one, and at the same time master, let’s say, the Scrum or Agile management methodology, in order to apply for a team-lead position in the future.

3. Interesting work. The tasks of IT specialists often have several ways of solving, and to understand which will be the best, you need to prepare and brainstorm. The more different tasks and ways to achieve the result specialists have, the faster they will grow. This is a big plus of IT professions: it is not necessary to solve problems in a standard way, but you can always apply different approaches, automate or change processes.

4. The demand for such specialists is likely to grow, including one for newcomers to the profession. So, you can start earning and recouping money invested already during your studies.

Let's look at which vacancies in IT are the most accessible to start a career, talk about the stages of development and find out how to simplify the beginning of the path.

Where and how to find vacancies in IT

There are many options for the job search:

● Register on a freelance website and start looking for the first customers;

● Provide assistance to friends and acquaintances, for example, in creating websites;

● Take part in an employment program offered by your educational institution;

● Enroll in courses of an IT company that offers employment after completing them;

● Take an internship (paid or not);

● Conduct activities remotely (online);

● Get a job in a speciality close to the desired one in order to gain experience and move to another position in the future.

The primary task is to get as much practice as possible, because experience is valued more than the best thorough knowledge of the theory.

What salary you can expect after employment

An important factor in changing profession or looking for a job is salary. Many people are interested in what the average salary is for a junior, middle or senior specialist. The IT sphere is very attractive in this sense, as even the beginners may have a salary of UAH 30-50,000.

For example, Python developers receive from UAH 35,000 to 100,000 and more, depending on the level and experience in the profession. The upper rates range from UAH 120,000 to 150,000.

It takes 1,5-2 years to become an average specialist, and then the salary almost doubles.

IT direction – options for vacancies
  • The most popular professional fields in which employers are looking for specialists:
  • computer network architect;
  • operations engineer (DevOps);
  • IT systems analyst;
  • database administrator;
  • IS expert;
  • system administrator;
  • software developer;
  • web developer;
  • tester;
  • business analyst;
  • mobile application developer;
  • IT equipment engineer.

Most positions in the TOP vacancies require special knowledge and experience. However, it is possible to start a career in IT without programming skills. For example, to engage in technical marketing to ensure sales in the IT industry.

Geography of employment

You can work anywhere. This includes work at home (remotely), and an opportunity to find a prestigious job in the USA or European countries with legal employment.

How to get a job – options for registration

There are many options to get a job: remote work, legal employment, registration on freelance websites, training courses with internships.

A confident start is guaranteed by an internship in outstaffing companies. One of such agencies is Pharmbills, which gives many benefits to all those who are looking for new vacancies. The company offers:

  • learning a new profession from scratch;
  • free training for popular vacancies (with the opportunity to work in Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania or Bulgaria);
  • training in an online format.

Pharmbills is a company of specialists in the field of professions of the future. The range of projects is diverse – from vacancies for beginner specialists to experienced web-developers. We create teams for US companies, provide professional customer service, technical support, document management and financial services. The training lasts two weeks. After it, the candidate may receive an offer and start working with an American company.

Work in the field of information technologies is not only about well-known programming. It also includes administration of IT networks, databases, testing computer games, and webmastering. There are many more opportunities because, with the right skills, you can look for jobs almost anywhere.

Jobs in IT remain a good choice for people who pride themselves on their analytical and logical thinking and are good at working with computers.

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