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Today many young people are faced with choosing a profession and are looking for a promising field to start a career in. Most often, people who are looking for self-development choose the profession of HR manager. There is a good reason: working with people is always interesting, and such a position is highly paid. In addition, the position of HR provides certain prospects for future development: potentially, you can become an HR director or an executive search consultant.

The abbreviation HR means "human resources". In other words, an HR manager is a personnel management specialist.


What to expect from an HR vacancy - what skills and experience are required

Despite the fact that this position grew out of the personnel profession, the range of responsibilities of a modern HR have greatly expanded. This is explained by the fact that large companies are interested in highly qualified staff. A modern HR manager must have the following skills: 

  • clearly define the main positions of any position;
  • competently assess the market of professions and change the company's requirements for applicants depending on the demand;
  • search for necessary candidates and be able to effectively evaluate them during the interview process; interest applicants;
  • plan staff training.

In addition, an HR specialist must possess knowledge in the field of economics, jurisprudence, sociology and psychology, which must be applied in work.


What is the salary range for HR specialists

The salary of a personnel manager depends primarily on his education, qualifications and job duties. A manager without work experience can receive $500-800. A professional with 5 years of experience – $1300 and more.

An important factor is the remuneration system of the employer company: a fixed monthly amount or salary and a bonus for achieving KPIs (for example, for closing vacancies). Working conditions also affect earnings. An experienced HR can work not in the company's staff, but remotely, as an independent outsourcing expert.

At the moment, the payment statistics are approximately as follows: 

  • more than 25% of vacancies have a specified salary of up to $680;
  • approximately 16% – at least $750;
  • almost 6% - payment from $950 and more.

As examples, we will give the salaries of some vacancies:

  • Personnel training and development manager - $1000;
  • Personnel motivation specialist - $1100;
  • HR specialist - $800;
  • HR manager assistant - $550.

Variants of vacancies

There are many positions in the field of personnel management. Let's consider what HR specialists can be.

  • HRBPs are HR professionals who work closely with senior management, paying particular attention to the missions and tasks, processes, and processes required by the organization. The main focus of this position is strategic planning and scaling of company processes;
  • People Partner – specialists in the HR department who deal with issues of motivating employees in the office, stimulating development on the project and in the enterprise, identify and work with shortcomings. They often act as a buffer between the interests of the company and the person;
  • Research Recruiter is a stand-alone position at large brands focused on active recruiting. Such a specialist selects candidates and accompanies them only until they "enter" the company;
  • A Career Adviser is a person whose work involves project/account management, as well as IT professionals and their teams. This is important, especially at the stage of onboarding new workers.
  • Training Manager, L&D Manager (Learning & Development) or training manager — analyzes the technological needs of projects ;
  • Headhunter is a manager of the highest level. He already faces the task of not hiring in general, but luring someone in particular. And here it is necessary to include all the art of communication for negotiations.
  • Employer Brand Manager is a specialist who is responsible for the internal and external brand of the company as an employer. Works with the market, the country, from where the organization is ready to hire specialists. The worker knows everything about marketing and personnel management.

This is such a complex system of HR department vacancies. Of course, such departments must be managed by someone. And this HRD (HR director) is a top manager who implements, supports and develops the strategy, taking tactical steps in personnel management.


Geography of employment

You can work as an HR manager in any country. Vacancies are offered by companies of the United States of America, IT companies of European countries, and Ukrainian enterprises. Work is also offered remotely.


How to get a job as an HR – options for registration

Vacancies are available in various formats: remotely, official employment in the IT field, training courses with internships.

Employers put forward some conditions to candidates. Having a diploma with a higher education will be an advantage (but this requirement is not mandatory).

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