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The profession of devops engineer arose due to constant conflicts between developers and system administrators. The developer tries to roll out features faster, and the administrator wants to streamline and stabilize all the processes. A devops specialist is a specialist who synchronizes the stages of software product development, knows what the work of developers, QA, managers is and automate their tasks, as well as knows how to program and quickly learn new tools. There are few such specialists in the labor market, while this job is in demand and highly paid. We will tell you more about the profession.

What to expect from a DevOps job: what skills and experience are needed

DevOps methodology is a set of practices that aim to reduce software development time and accelerate the release of updates and patches to it. For this approach, it is not enough to involve classic administrators and IT developers. It requires separate specialists who can configure hardware and adapt applications to it.

How it happens:

  • When developing a work plan, a Devops engineer helps to determine which architecture to use in the application, how to scale, which orchestration system is the best to use;
  • At the next stage, he automates code verification, configures the server;
  • As soon as the product is ready, it is tested;
  • After the release, the results of the user survey are analyzed, updates are implemented and the program is improved without anyone noticing;
  • At the same time, the specialist is engaged in solving problems arising in the work of developers, managers and other specialists.

The above stages of work occur in projects that are developed from scratch. However, there are also cases when a devops engineer comes to work in an already launched project, where developers have started creating a product without planning and choosing an architecture. And when the project stops, such a specialist is invited to solve problems and automatize work.

What a DevOPS engineer should know

The specialist must have a broad outlook and understand several areas at once:

  • Development. Knowledge of several programming languages to read codes, quickly write a program and automate processes;
  • Operating systems. Knowing the types of operating systems and understand which one is better to run the project and what tools to use;
  • Cloud. Cloud technologies are developing rapidly, knowledge of the tools makes it possible to automate the process of code testing and applications building.
  • Orchestration systems. The engineer knows how containers function and how to build a system.

A DevOPS engineer can work in any company that develops applications, mainly IT giants. Startups can work without such a vacancy, because their task is to quickly develop a product and test its popularity among users.

Advantages of this job are high payment, demand for specialists in the market, and universal usage of the professional skills in any IT field.

Where and how to find a DevOps job

DevOps engineers can benefit from any company whose activities are related to the development of applications or the management of a large number of servers.

DevOps engineers are hired by IT giants like Amazon, Adobe, and Facebook. They also work for Netflix, Walmart and Etsy.

It is expected that DevOps will only grow over time as the industry as a whole. Therefore, it is so important to start your way in this niche today, when there is no high entry threshold and many vacancies are available.

What the salary range in DevOps is

The salary of a DevOps specialist is one of the highest in the IT industry, but it depends not only on the skills and length of work experience. Based on the experience of specialists, it is usually divided into several categories, the payment in each can vary significantly:

  • Junior – up to 1 year of experience;
  • Middle – from 1 to 3 years;
  • Senior – more than 3 years.

Equally important the location of the employing company is: traditionally, devops engineers earn the most in the United States, receiving about USD 90,000 a year. As for Ukraine, domestic companies are ready to pay such specialists from UAH 60,000 to 100,000 per month.

Also, the amount of payment directly depends on the vacancy, the range of tasks performed and the level of the company.

Vacancy options for devops engineer

Specializations are determined by the nature of the vacancy and the scope of the development tea

  • TechOps – typical system administrators who are engaged in testing and monitoring the finished system;
  • LiveOps – the vacancy of administrators who are responsible for productive environments. They usually work in the field of games and control changes in the product without issuing a new release;
  • CloudOps – system administrators who are responsible for managing the internal infrastructure in the public cloud;
  • PlatOps/Infra Ops/SysOps – specialists responsible for infrastructure administration;
  • NetOps – responsible for network administration;
  • SecOps – specialists who control security in the creation, deployment, delivery and updating of the product.
  • Possible career paths for DevOps engineers:
  • grow as a specialist in the industry, delving into the specialization and mastering related tools;
  • retrain as developers, sysadmins, IT security engineers;
  • follow the open ways to apply for vacancies of system architects, testers (including automators), and project managers.

Possible career paths for DevOps engineers:
  • grow as a specialist in the industry, delving into the specialization and mastering related tools;
  • retrain as developers, sysadmins, IT security engineers;
  • follow the open ways to apply for vacancies of system architects, testers (including automators), and project managers

Geography of employment

You can work as a devops engineer anywhere in the world. Vacancies are offered by companies in the USA, European countries, and domestic organizations. Working remotely (from home) is also available.

How to get a job – options for registration

The choice of employment is great: remote work, legal work in IT companies, and training courses with internships.

Internships in companies are a guarantee of employment in prestigious firms. Usually, a student who has recently completed an internship (junior) gets general knowledge of programming theory and computer science, and he knows the most important basics of the profession.

Pharmbils has a variety of internship programs in the US market for obtaining the necessary skills for devops specialists, providing quality customer service, technical support, and document management.

Since the first DevOps engineers appeared in the market, they have proven their effectiveness in many ways: from speeding up development processes to improving the climate within the team. It is expected that the DevOps industry will develop rapidly over time. Therefore, it is never too late to retrain for such an interesting and promising specialization.

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